The “Young Leaders” Program is the flagship program of the France China Foundation.

Each year, a selection committee selects around 40 French and Chinese people from 25 to 45 years old who will play an important role in the Sino-French relationship due to their leadership and achievements.

The selected candidates participate in two 4-day seminars, alternately organised in France and China in a city chosen for its particularly interesting political, economic or cultural heritage.

Each seminar includes discussion sessions related to current issues in both countries, meetings with prominent figures, and visits to significant industrial, political and cultural centers.

The main purpose of the “Young Leaders” Program is to strengthen links between participants and encourage future exchanges and joint projects.


The next “Young Leaders” Program of the France China Foundation will be held in France in the summer of 2019. As usual, 10 Chinese “Young Leaders” and 10 French “Young Leaders” will be selected.

The selection process is now open. 

The deadline to submit an application for the Young Leaders Class of 2019 is December 31, 2018 at midnight (Paris time).

If you are interested or know a candidate whose profile might be of interest to the France China Foundation for 2019 class, please send an application to:                                               

Béatrice d’Estienne d’Orves – Secretary-General France –

Applications should be written in French or English, and include:

1  – a biography stating date of birth and including ID photo / 1 page maximum
2 – a cover letter / 1 page maximum
3 – an additional ID photo 

The two first elements should be presented in a single document

Main steps of the selection process :

November 10, 2018 : Official opening of the selection process

– December 31, 2018 : Official closing of the selection process

– January 2019 : Interviews of selected candidates 

Beginning of February 2019 : The Selection Committee of the France China Foundation deliberates 

– End of February 2019 : Applicants are informed of the selection results


Specific criteria to be met by the candidates:

1.  be younger than 45 years old (on December 31, 2019)
2. be fluent in English
3. have a recognized record of extraordinary achievement in their area of expertise, a proven track record of substantial leadership experience, as well as a clear indication of playing a substantial role in their country, and in particular in Sino-French relations
4. have demonstrated a commitment to serve society through outstanding contributions

Criteria related to diversity:

5. in its choices, the Selection Committee seeks a balanced representation of the sectors from which the “Young Leaders” originate:

– one third from the political, administrative and military sector
– one third from the business world, notably the entrepreneurship sector
– one third from the arts, the media, Research and associations

6. social diversity will also be sought, as well as female/male parity