1 table of 10 seats : 12 500 euros
1 seat : 1500 euros
To book your seat or table for the annual Gala dinner of the France China Foundation
Tuesday 14th of May, at the Centre Pompidou, in Paris :
+33 6 85 52 86 03
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Date: May 16th 2018

Venue: Château de Versailles


Under the high patronage of President Emmanuel MACRON, and in the presence of Prime Minister Edouard PHILIPPE, France China Foundation held its second gala dinner in the Palace of Versailles orchestrated by Akrame Benallal, Michelin-starred chef and Young Leader. Our guests of honor were Gong Li and Juliette Binoche. A concert was organised in the Royal Chapel of the Palace, performed by French violonist Renaud Capuçon and Chinese pianist Xue Yingjia.

Among our guests:  Brune Poirson – Secretary of State to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Wang Keping – sculptor, Yan Peiming – artist, Ken Hu – Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO at Huawei, Jean-Pierre Raffarin – former Primer Minister, Laurent Fabius – former Prime Minister, President of the Constitutional Council, Louis Schweitzer – Former Chairman of Renault, Ana Girardot – actress.

FranceChinafdn__017 Renaud Capuçon, XUE XingjiaFranceChinafdn__047 - EL, Gogli et E PhilippeFranceChinafdn__277FranceChinafdn__191FranceChinafdn__008 Catherine Pegard, Marie France Marchand Baylet, Laurent FabiusFranceChinafdn__327FranceChinafdn__143 EL, Pierre Hudry et sa femmeFranceChinafdn__385 Juliette Binoche, Aline Wang, Wang KeipingFranceChinafdn__024 Peter Kwok, Jiang Qionger, Howard KwokFranceChinafdn__319FranceChinafdn__216FranceChinafdn__029 Helen et Bruno BouyguesBuon TanFranceChinafdn__074 - L Fabius, Yan Peiming, Valérie VenturaFranceChinafdn__208 Generation FundFranceChinafdn__128FranceChinafdn__140 Akhrame Bellalal et sa femmeFranceChinafdn__205 Arthur de Villepin, Ana GirardotFranceChinafdn__334FranceChinafdn__050 Merieme ChahidFranceChinafdn__148 Pascal Gentil, Pauline Duval, N MacquinFranceChinafdn__134 - Victoria Vilmotte, Yorgo TloupasFranceChinafdn__057 Brune Poirson, Aurélien Lechevallier, Jiang QiongerFranceChinafdn__118 Marion Bertagna, Renaud capuçon, OMAFranceChinafdn__083FranceChinafdn__032 GongliFranceChinafdn__058 N MacquinFranceChinafdn__340FranceChinafdn__158FranceChinafdn__162 Soline BichFranceChinafdn__172FranceChinafdn__177FranceChinafdn__182FranceChinafdn__246FranceChinafdn__263FranceChinafdn__338 Marot SONG, Jack LOFranceChinafdn__283FranceChinafdn__281FranceChinafdn__343FranceChinafdn__183 Frédérci Jousset, Renaud Donnedieu de VabresFranceChinafdn__285FranceChinafdn__293FranceChinafdn__350FranceChinafdn__092

Date: March, 9th 2017

Venue: Hôtel de Lassay


Under the high patronage of Claude Bartolone, President of the National Assembly, France China Foundation held its first gala dinner orchestrated by Akrame Benallal, Michelin-starred chef and Young Leader. Our guest of honor was Sophie Marceau.

Among our guests:  former Prime Ministers Laurent Fabius and Jean-Pierre Raffarin; Cédric Villani, French mathematician – 2010 Fields Medal; Chen Hong, actress and Wang Keping, sculptor; business leaders (Denis Duverne – AXA, Nicolas Houzé – Galeries Lafayette, Robert Peugeot – FFP, Laurent Milchior – ETAM, Jacques Richier – Allianz, François Quentin – Huawei) ; directors of cultural institutions such as Catherine Pégard (President of Château de Versailles) and Eric Lefebvre (Director of the Musée Cernuschi).

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