The 2018 session brought together 44 Chinese and French young leaders in Chongqing and Beijing, during a four-day seminar, from October 12 to October 15.

The main theme of this year’s session was “The Megalopolises of the Future”.

Overview of the Young Leaders Program in 2018 :

• Discussion between young leaders

• Interview with WANG Qishan, Vice President of People’s Republic of China

• Visit of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

• Meeting with LIU Jiakun, world-renowned architect

• Discussion with Dr. SUN Jiwei, former mayor of Shanghai’s Pudong District and deputy general secretary of Shanghai Government

• Visit of BOE, specialized in connected objects, and Face ++, leader in the field of facial recognition

• Visit of Testbed 2,  an artistic district in renovation in Chongqing