Deputy Director, Institute of Financial Studies, State Council Development and Research Center

With his position Prof. Ba enjoys privileged terms from the State Council and holds various key positions in the public and private sectors. These include: chief economist at the China Banking Association, deputy secretary of the China Institute of Macro-economics, member of the advisory committee on Economic and Trade policy (under the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China), advisor to the examination board of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, member of the expert guidance committee of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (China banking industry to implement the new Basel capital accord), member of the M&A specialists committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, member of the economic development commission of the government of the Hong Kong’s Special Administrative Region.

He obtained his bachelor and master’s degrees from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1987 and 1994, and then graduated from the Central University of Finance and Economics in 1999 with a Ph.D. and postdoctoral research at Peking University. He is going to be a visiting scholar at Columbia University at the end of 2013.

Married and father to a daughter, he likes history, literature and traveling. He is very active on the network, having 7.2 million fans on his Sina microblogging account and 6.5 million fans on his Tencent microblogging account.


Les Echos报社总编辑

Editor-in-Chief at « Les Echos »

1989: BA in English, Institut Charles V de Paris, degree in History (Paris 7)
1990: Student and teaching assistant at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1992: Graduated from Sciences Po, L’Institut d’études Politiques de Paris
1992-1993: Service Militaire (served in the Army) at the Cabinet of the Chef d’État Major des Armées.
1993-2000: Reporter covering the telecomunication industry and Internet for L’Expansion, La Tribune, Les Echos
2000-2005: Tokyo Bureau Chief, Les Echos
2005-2008: New York Bureau Chief, Les Echos
Since mid-2008: News Editor-in-Chief (rédacteur en chef), in charge of the “companies” section, Les Echos
+ in charge of a daily editorial on Radio Classique (since 2009).

The son of a diplomat, David Barroux grew up in France and in Asia, lived in Singapore and Tokyo, and had very frequent trips to China and India since the early 80s.

When he is not working, he plays squash on a regular basis, reads “bande dessinée”, and covers the BD at Les Echos. He also spends time with his family. He is married wit
h three children.





Bruno BOUYGUES先生1999年于马萨诸塞州理工学院获得硕士学位,之后就读于欧洲工商管理学院(INSEAD)并于2002年取得MBA学位。

Bruno BOUYGUES先生曾于伦敦美林证券(Merrill Lynch)的并购部门工作三年,之后在法国兴业银行(Société Générale)纽约分部财务部门工作三年,随后回到法国并于奥维管理咨询公司(Oliver Wyman)任职两年,之后在总部位于法国的GYS吉欧斯集团工作九年并担任首席执行官职位。


此外,Bruno BOUYGUES先生还是商业领袖网络青年总裁组织(YPO)成员之一,也是法国冶金行业工业联盟(UIMM)马延省董事会成员之一。

Bruno BOUYGUES先生的配偶,Heyoung Lee Bouygues女士,也是一位才华横溢的商业人才,她创建了Lee Bouygues Partners公司,其为一家致力于帮助公司解决经营困境的咨询公司。


工作之余Bruno BOUYGUES先生喜欢滑雪,跑步和打壁球。


中国华信集团驻法国首席 代表

Chief Representative for France, China Energy Company Limited (CEFC)

Cai Jin, born in 1981, is the Chief Representative for France at CEFC (China Energy Company Limited).

She used to be the deputy general manager of Poly Technologies of Poly Group China, where she was in charge of international projects’ cooperation and corporate strategies. Cai Jin has been engaged in the forthcoming development of general aviation in China, as well as with the emerging business of luxury products.

She has led many projects, such as joint-venture creations, notably while working for China South Industries Group. She is also a former partner and current consultant at various law firms.

Her degrees consist of: a PhD in Economics from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, an MBA from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, a Master of Laws from Renmin University in China, and a Bachelor of Economics from Xiamen University.

A part-time researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, she works within the domains of International Political Economics, Neo Institutional Economics, Law and
Economics, and the History of Economics. Among her publications are two books translated from French to English and several papers in academic journals.



CAO Jianzhang
Manager, General Office, Data Center Beijing, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Cao Jianzhang graduated from Shijiazhuang Army Command College, known as the West Point of Chinese military academies, completing a four year undergraduate degree with standard courses, military theory, and military training.

In 1997 he was assigned to the Beijing military region logistics department where he served as military and cultural instructor. There he trained more than 1300 kinds of military cadres at all levels for the logistics unit. In 1998 he was selected into the logistics department headquarters and was given political authority to serve as a battalion cadre. Here he has been involved in writing the military training program for the logistics department and the military operational plans in division and regiment level planning. In 2003 he was transferred out of the army to a data center (Beijing) of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Cao Jianzhang is married to Zhang Li, a talented woman who graduated from Ocean University of China with a major in International Trade. She now serves the China Association for International Friendly Contact. Her hobby is writing, and has written six novels, a total of 3 million words. She was rated as one of the top ten women writers by Chinese online in 2011. They have a lovely son. Cao’s hobbies are fitness and reading.




Chen Yun obtained a master’s degree from the renowned Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2008 and since then has been living and working in Beijing. Focusing on contemporary oil painting and Liuli art works, her studios are within several Beijing art bases, such as Yihandi, Songzhuang and 798 art zone.

Chen has been invited by first-class academic art exhibitions and art expos at home and abroad since 1999. Through the 40-odd exhibitions and expos over the years, many of her works are collected by well-known art galleries and institutions, including the Shenzhen Art Museum, Shanghai Zhangjiang Art Museum, Chengdu Blueroof Art Gallery, Hubei Museum of Art, Songzhuang Art Center, and Times Art Museum. Additionally, she cooperates with art and fashion media to create intra-art works. In 2010, Ball State University in the U.S.
invited her as a visiting scholar to share her expertise on glass art. In December 2010, she was invited by the Spoletto cultural bureau, the E.U. organization of the Italian branch, and the Cultural dept. of the Chinese embassy in Italy to participate in the art and culture
activity during the China-Italy Culture Exchange Year. The “Percorso” Chinese
Contemporary Art Exhibition, which was held in an old city art gallery, was a great success in spoletto, Italy.

In her spare time, Chen enjoys books, music and cooking. Her ideal life is a life guided by Buddhist spirituality, with a touch of artistry.



Owner of Contemporary Art Gallery

Magda Danysz is a Paris and Shanghai based gallery owner. Inaugurated first on the Bund, the MD Gallery in Shanghai moved in 2012, to a 1000m² new space in the North Bund area, becoming the largest ground floor gallery in Shanghai and offering an exceptional exhibition space to artists.

Magda Danysz presents both emerging and established Chinese and international artists (such as Maleonn, Yang Yongliang, Liu Bolin or Zhang Dali). She has built a platform for exchanges between the Chinese and the international art scene. Among many other projects, she brought to Shanghai The Wrinkles of the City project by JR in 2010, for the occasion of the Shanghai Biennale, where she was appointed member of the head committee.

Magda Danysz has also taught cultural policies at Sciences Po Paris. She is on the board of the cultural digital arts center Le Cube in Issy-les-Moulineaux. In 2007, she was decorated by the French Ministry of Culture as a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. She has also written various art books such as her 400 page Anthology of Street Art and more recently Les Bains-Résidence d’Artistes.

Matthias FEKL

前内政部长; KGA律师

Matthias FEKL

Former Minister of the Interior; Associate Lawyer, KGA

Matthias Fekl has been appointed State Secretary For Foreign Trade in September 2014.

He has been the Socialist Deputy of Lot-et-Garonne since 2012. He has also been Regional Councilor for Aquitaine since 2010 and an Administrative judge since 2005.

In the National Assembly, he is a member of the Committee on Constitutional Laws, Legislation, and General Administration of France. He works particularly on issues related to the modernization of the State and the transparency of public life. On May 14th 2012, he submitted a report on immigration to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, following a mission entrusted to him by Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

Matthias Fekl was born in Germany. His father is a German university professor and his mother is a French teacher. He grew up in Berlin before coming to study in Paris (Sciences Po Paris, ENS, ENA).

From 2010 to 2011, he was Director of the office of Jean-Pierre Bel (President of a socialist group at the Senate) and then became his special adviser when Jean-Pierre Bel became Chairman of the Senate.

He has published several books, including his 2010 book with Mr. Wladimir d’Ormesson, In 2027, Two Young Elected Confront Their Vision of France (2027, Deux Jeunes Elus Confrontent Leur Vision de la France).



Qianjiang District Development and Reform Commission, Chongqing

Gao Fei, 29, is a native to the Sichuan province. He graduated from Nankai University, majored in comparative political economy and now works for the Qianjiang District Development and Reform Commission in Chongqing.

Before working at Nankai University in Tianjin, Gaofei paid more attention to the relations between state and society, governments and markets. He chose India as a case study in his doctoral dissertation titled, “State’s Domestic Security and Economic Growth in Late Industrialization: the Politics of Economic Growth in India”.

After graduating from Nankai University, he was recruited into the Qianjiang District Development and Reform Commission to: formulate and implement strategies of regional economic and social development, develop annual plans including medium and long-term development plans, to carry out research and analysis on domestic and international economic situations, and to put forward targets and policies concerning the development of the regional economy of Qianjiang.

Gao Fei likes reading and walking at leisure.



Yannig GOURMELON COO, Fred&Farid Group

Yannig Gourmelon has just returned from China where he has lived 4 years fulfilling his dream to be immerged in the Chinese culture and economy.

He recently joined Fred&Farid Group as COO, a leading French creative and digital advertising agency based in Paris and Shanghai, after having completed 10 years at Roland Berger Strategy consultants as a partner in France and China, for whom he is now Senior Advisor.

At Fred & Farid, Yannig is in charge of all the support functions and operations serving the business lines of the group worldwide (Paris, Shanghai, New York). He is leading all the large cross continent projects of the group and will also soon take in charge one of the business lines.

Yannig is 40 years old and has graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, the London School of Economics (MSc) & École HEC.



Pianist and Composer

Born in Tel-Aviv in 1981, the exceptional jazz pianist and composer Yaron Herman, has
developed a dazzling musical career in the past 10 years. At 19 years old he moves to Paris. Immediately noticed by the Parisian jazz scene he receives the New Talent Award by the famous Jazz Club Sunside. Since 2001 Yaron is confirmed as a unique talent with a series of successful albums, awards, hundreds of concerts worldwide and extensive media

RECORDS: “Real Time Composition”, “A time for Everything”, “Muse”, “Follow the White Rabbit”, “Alter Ego”.

First jazz pianist to play in the Forbidden City, Yaron Herman has already completed 4 world tours in solo and in trio, playing at the most prestigious festivals and in the most famous theaters.

Yaron has developed a musical theory on improvisation that he first presented at la
Sorbonne in Paris. More recently, his unique approach to composition has been showcased on TEDxEPFL, the renowned Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, TEDxCern and on TED GLOBAL in Edinburgh. Yaron is currently working on a book in the same context, which is dedicated to creativity and innovation. Yaron is also engaged in other musical projects, particularly music of movies and advertisements. He is the composer of the musical
signature for the French mobile phone campaign FREE.

Jérôme GUEDJ


Jérôme GUEDJ

Departmental Advisor (France) of the canton of Massy

Jérôme Guedj was born on the 23rd of January 1972. He completed his studies at Sciences Po Paris and then went on to the most prestigious French school for public service (ENA). He was then appointed General Inspector for Social Affairs (IGAS) and is a renowned specialist of social and public health policies. He is currently departmental Advisor of Massy.

Member of the Socialist Party since 1993, Jérôme Guedj was elected Vice President of the Essonne County Council in 1998, and took the Presidency in 2011. In 2012, Jérôme superseded François Lamy (appointed Minister for Urban Affairs) as a member of the Parliament.

Both as a County Council president and as a Parliament member, Jérôme Guedj is involved in Franco-Chinese relationships. In Essonne, he built strong partnerships with the Wuhan region, where he frequently travels for economic and cultural cooperation. In 2012, Jérôme Guedj inaugurated an exhibition devoted to French photographer Jules Itier, the first
western reporter to take pictures of the Chinese society in 1844. Notably, the Essonne County Council is the first French local authority to have opened a bureau for economic
cooperation in the Wuhan region.

At the National Assembly, he is Secretary of the France-China Friendship group and is very active in promoting French-Chinese cooperation and mutual understanding.

Sébastien HUA


Sébastien HUA
Head of Project Office, KERING

Since October 2011, Sébastien Hua has been Head of Project Office (Chargé de mission) to François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering.

As of 2009, Sébastien Hua has held the position of Project Leader at the Paris office of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Before this, he held various offices at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, beginning at the Economic Affairs Department between 2004 and 2007, and then following at the French Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York from 2007 to 2009.

Currently, Sébastien Hua is in charge of the General Culture Curriculum at the Institut d’études Politiques de Paris.

Sébastien who is 34, is an alumnus of École nationale d’administration (ENA) and a graduate from the Institut d’études Politiques de Paris.



HUA Xiaojun
Partner, Beijing Head Office, Junhe Law Firm

Born in 1972, Hua Xiaojun is a lawyer with almost 20 years of experience in cross-border commercial law practices, focusing on M&A, finance and infrastructure. He is a partner at the renowned Law Offices of Jun He, heading the firm’s outbound investment practices.

Included in his professional career prior to Jun are: five years of litigation and commercial practice with local law firms in Beijing and in the Jiangsu Province, nearly two years of commercial practice with the offices of Masons Hong Kong and Guangzhou, and finally 10 years of commercial practice with the office of Gide Lovrette Nouel in Beijing. As of January 2008, Hua Xiaojun is a worldwide partner of Gide Lovrette Nouel and has since then co-headed their Beijing office.

Hua is the co-author of the Aspatore publication Best Practices for Bankruptcy Law in China (2008) and has a considerable number of articles published by professional magazines. In addition, he is a regular speaker at the conferences and seminars of Euromoney, IHC, and the European Chamber of Commerce, speaking on subjects of M&A, foreign exchange, and anti-trust.

At leisure time, Hua is fond of badminton, scuba diving, theater play and tourism.



Screenwriter, Silver Bear for best screenwriter 2010

JIN Na was the Silver Bear Best Scriptwriter Winner at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival and Shanghai Artist Award Winner by the Shanghai Government. She is also Deputy General Secretary of the Shanghai Film Critics Association, Board Member of the Shanghai Film Artist Association, and Vice-chairman of the Scriptwriter Board and Beijing Film Artist Association.

Born in Shanghai in 1975, she graduated from East China University in 1998 and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2005.

JIN Na is a prolific scriptwriter and writer. She has also worked as a journalist, editor-in-chief, art project advisor, and movie executive director.

Founder and CEO of CNHK MEDIA CHINA since 2011, she invested and produced particularly the TV series “Felicity with You”, which was presented by CCTV1 and rated TOP1 Audience.

In 2013, she founded Beijing R&C Entertainment and co-produced “Rachet&Clank” with SONY Computer.




President of the National Commission of Public Debate

Chantal Jouanno was born on the 12th of July 1969 in Vernon, Eure in France. She graduated from Sciences Po Paris in 1994. After two years of study at the National School of Administration (Cyrano de Bergerac session), in 1999 she became a civil servant at the Ministry of the Interior.

In 2008 she was appointed President of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME). From January 2009 to November 2010, she was appointed Secretary of State for Ecology in the second French Government of François Fillon. Before taking office as Senator on the 1st of October 2011, she was the Minister of Sports in the third government of François Fillon from November 2010 to September 2011. In October of 2012, she left the UMP party and joined as Vice President the UDI party, led by Jean-Louis Borloo. Since 2010, she is also regional councilor of Ile-de-France until her withdraw from the policy in 2017. Now she is president of the National Commission of Public Debate since March 2018.

Chantal Jouanno is a former karate champion, a twelve-time French champion in her category. In 2010, her team won a karate championship.



LI Baogang
Chairman, Board of Directors, Guantang Holdings

In 1985, Li had his first job as a journalist after graduation. In 1990, he started his own business in finance, real estate and trading. In 1999, he set up his own company — SOUTHWEST SECURITIES. His company’s trading volume of Stock A was the best among all the national companies in both 1999 and 2000.

In 2003, he started another company — Bohwa Ziguang Real Estate Co., Ltd. The CATHAY VIEW Villa is one of the housing projects developed by the company. The Villa is currently the biggest Chinese style Villa in China and has received the National Innovating Building Award in 2006. The housing company then invested in CATHAY VIEW INVESTMENT HOLDING CO. LTD., which focuses on developing the traditional Chinese culture and on utilizing historic materials. This company also invests in culture, estates, finance and farming.

In 2011, Li went to Peking University majoring in Philosophy for his advanced studies. He was also then the chairman of the Office of Continuing Education, Peking University 21 term at that time.

Li loves traditional Chinese culture, history, literature, philosophy and architecture. He likes collecting Chinese rosewood furniture and crafts. Additionally, swimming, playing golf and hiking are also the interests of Li.








Joachim POYLO

Aden Services埃顿服务公司创办人兼主席

Joachim POYLO
Founder and CEO, ADEN Services

As a French Business School student in the mid-90s, Joachim Poylo and a group of friends, shared a passion for South-East Asia. He developed ‘Asia Extreme,’ an association that promoted student internships in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. He eventually settled in Shanghai for 2 years, with the goal of opening the China market for the food service leader Sodexo, who was not yet present.

Recognizing the need for full Facility Management services within emerging markets in Asia, Joachim created ADEN Services in Vietnam in 1997 and two years later, registered the company in China. Today, this son of a ship owner from Le Havre, France, heads a business with 18,000 employees and operates in 15 countries, a group with over 750 clients that grossed 150 M USD in revenue last year.

Eighty percent of the group’s activity is in China, where ADEN Services specializes in four main lines of business: Facility Management Maintenance, Security, Cleaning, and Foodservice for international and Chinese companies. Outside China, the company mission is to accompany its clients in hostile regions and provide camp management services with the focus of bringing global solutions to the Mining, Construction and Oil & Gas industries. The group’s headquarters are located in Shanghai, China.

Joachim, who is 43, has 3 children and resides in Shanghai.



Founder, CEO and Executive Creative Director, FRED & FARID communication agency

Fred Raillard started design school at Creapole in Paris. He then moved to advertising. He teamed up with Farid Mokart and launched his whole career with him. Fred is co-founder, CEO and Executive Creative Director of Fred & Farid Group.

Fred & Farid have worked for six agencies in France, BBH London, Goodby, and Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. Back in Paris they launched Marcel for Publicis Group. In 2007 they launched their own independent group with the support of Vincent Bollore.

Fred & Farid Group Paris and Shanghai have now 2 integrated agencies, 1 digital agency and 1 media company in joint venture with Havas Media, 2 digital media, 1 digital investment fund, 4 buildings, and 320 employees.

Fred & Farid have worked for over 150 brands and have won more than 200 international awards. Fred & Farid were for three consecutive years featured in GQ’s 30 most influential media people in France.

Fred was 2013’s Art Direction D&AD’s foreman in London. He is “Chevalier de l’Olivier des Baux de Provence” for his commitment to the region. He practices Karate. He lives now permanently in Shanghai with his wife and three sons.


Zodiac Aerosystems公司执行长官 (加盟卓达宇航集团 )

Managing Director, Zodiac Aerosystems

Since 2015, Benoît Ribadeau-Dumas has been the Managing Director of Zodiac Aerosystems (Zodiac Aerospace group).

Previously, he was the Senior Executive Vice President of CGG, a company providing geological, geophysical and reservoir capabilities mostly to the oil and gas industries. He was in charge of all Data Acquisition business lines, Airborne, Land and Marine.

Benoît began his career as a civil servant in the French public administration, where he performed a variety of different roles, including two and half years (2002 / 2004) as a member of the French Prime Minister’s private staff. In 2004, he joined Thales, a Defense and Aerospace company, as corporate development director, in charge of group strategy, mergers & acquisitions and shareholder relations. He was then appointed as the head of two operational business lines, first as Managing Director of Air Traffic Management Systems in 2007 and, from 2009, as CEO of Thales Underwater Systems.

Benoît is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and ENA (Ecole nationale d’administration) in France.

He lives in Paris with his wife Florence and their 5 children. He likes horseback riding and trekking.


Le Havre市市长、 Seine-Maritime省众议员

爱德华·菲利普(法语: Edouard Philippe)自2010年起担任勒阿弗尔市市长并于2012年起当选Seine-Maritime省议员。此外,他还是2017总统候选人阿兰于佩的发言人。

自1997年至2002年,爱德华·菲利普在法国最高行政法院担任审理长,随后被任命为当时的执政党UMP (现为Les Républicains)的党内负责人。2004年至2007年间,他分别在Debevoise & Plimpton律师事务所和阿海珐集团工作过。



Hydrogen Advisors创始人兼首席执行官


Director of Research & Technologies and Member of the Executive Committee of Engie

Raphael is Director of Research & Technologies and Member of the Executive Committee of Engie. Previously, he was President of GDF SUEZ China.

Raphael also worked for the French government : between 2004 and 2007, he was the diplomatic advisor to the French Minister in charge of Energy, Telecommunications, and Industry (covering all international and European affairs in the private office)… Prior, he worked as a detached national expert at the European Commission’s Competition General Directorate and was Head of the State Economic Development Department of France’s Northern Region (similar to local NDRC).

Raphaël has held various jobs in the private sector, working for: French textile and water, Chinese telecommunications, the power sector’s of the United States and Thailand, and the Mexican gas sector.

Raphaël holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (member of the “French Corps des Mines”) and a Civil Engineering Degree from the Paris National Mining University (“Ecole Nationale des Mines de Paris”).

Raphaël was recently elected Chair of the Energy Group of the European Trade Chamber in China.




TANG Haisong
CEO, Elite Education Group China

Born in a small village in rural Shanghai and educated as a Laser Physicist at Fudan University, Haisong first started his career in 1989 as a local tour guide.

At the end of 1990, he landed in the USA to pursue his American dream. After surviving his first few years working as a dish washer, shoe salesman and insurance marketer, Haisong joined McKinsey as its first Mainland trained consultant. He helped set up McKinsey’s first Chinese office in 1993. After that in 1998, Haisong completed a two year MBA program at Harvard. Upon graduation, Haisong worked as assistant to the Ermengildo Zegna family, developing an entry strategy to China and establishing the Zegna Sports line in the US. At the end of 1999, Haisong founded etang.com, a youth portal and community site in Mainland China targeting “the yellow generation”. In 2007, Haisong started to focus on investment in both technology and education areas. As for education, Haisong was responsible for Dulwich College China. Subsequently he helped transform Elite, the global leader of SAT prep, into a Society of Future Leaders focusing develop problem solving, communication, and character building for teenagers. Currently he is responsible for Technology Reserve, a global platform that allows small-medium size companies secure technology from global companies such as IBM and P&G.

Haisong is a voracious reader. As an adjunct professor, he will teach at Fudan Business School in 2013. Haisong resides in Shanghai with his wife and two teenage kids.



Managing Partner, Mediafin; Co-founder, Cocorico

Edouard Tétreau is a French essayist and a trusted advisor to a number of European industrial families, financial institutions, and CEOs of European Fortune 500 companies.

Aside from these endeavors, Edouard teaches the management of corporations in financial crises at HEC, the leading European business school. He also writes a weekly column in the leading French business newspaper Les Echos.

In the United States, Edouard currently acts as a trustee of the Washington DC based think tank CED, Committee for Economic Development, whose founders played a central role in drafting the Marshall Plan in the 1940s. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of La Maison Française at Columbia University.

A 1992 HEC graduate, with a major in entrepreneurship, Edouard was educated at the Paris Jesuit school Saint Louis de Gonzague. He is married with three children.

Key publications:
Analyste: au coeur de la folie financière (Paris, Grasset, 2005, Prix des lecteurs du livre d’économie)
Entre G2 et G20, l’Europe face à la crise financière (Paris, Institut Montaigne, 2009)
20.000 milliards de dollars, le nouveau défi américain (Paris, Grasset, 2010) (Pékin, CHINA CITIC Press, 2012)




CFO, AXA Partners at AXA

Mathieu Verillaud  is CFO of AXA Partners at AXA since August 2017. He was a finance business partner for the Hong Kong and Mainland China life insurance businesses at AXA’s Asia regional office in Hong Kong.

He has previously worked at the AXA head office, focusing on oversight of the US and Asset Management subsidiaries. For two years, he was also the Chief Financial Officer of a start-up business spanning several European countries.

He started his career at the French Insurance Supervisory Authority, where he was involved in company audits as well as with international and European working groups on the Solvency 2 directive and international financial reporting standards.

A graduate of the École Polytechnique in Paris and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs in New York, for the past five years he has also taught courses on insurance at Sciences Po (IEP Paris).



Deputy Director, Department of European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Wang Qing is 35 years old. She graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2000 and attended l’Ecole nationale d’administration (ENA) from 2007 to 2008.

She joined the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2000. She was staff member at the Department of African Affairs from 2000 to 2002, responsible for the bilateral relations between China and Madagascar. After a post at the Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Madagascar from 2002 to 2004, she joined the Division of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg at the Department of European Affairs, first as Third Secretary and later as Deputy Director, First Secretary, specially in charge of Sino-French bilateral relations. She has been involved in all the high level visits and important cooperation projects between China and France from 2005 to present.

She is unmarried and enjoys travelling, hiking and literature.


青松居家康复护理机构 创始人、总裁

WANG Ninie
CEO, Pinetree Senior Care Services

Ninie has been committed to bettering the lives of the senior citizens of her home country, China, for much of her career. She is Deputy Director of the Community Home for Long-term Care, Research & Training Base of the Gerontological Society in China. She is also a member of both the China Social Welfare Service Standard Committee and the Presidium for National Union of Long-term Care. In 2011, she was elected as Standing Director of the China Association for Life Care.

In 2004 Ninie founded Pinetree (www.pinetreecare.com), China’s first and fastest growing professional home healthcare services provider for the aging population. Her previous experience includes heading the Asia Pacific Headquarters of the ECDL Foundation (www.ecdl.org) as Deputy CEO and setting up the ICDL computer literacy certification program in China, aiming at narrowing the digital divide.

Pinetree was the first venture in mainland China to provide professional restorative home care services to the aging population.

Ninie has a BA in Economics from UIBE, China, and an MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore.



Executive Dean, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China

After receiving an M.A. degree, Wang Wen worked at the Global Times, serving as a correspondent, news editor, history editor, senior op-eds editor, editorial writer, leader of op-eds pages, and an editorial board member (in charge of op-eds).

After departing from the media, Wang Wen has, since the beginning of 2013, been the Executive Dean of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China. He is the youngest dean in the University as well as within the top universities in China.

Wang Wen was the winner of the China New Awards in 2011. As a leader on public opinion, Wang Wen has written hundreds of columns, knows national policies and social conditions very well, and always has the opportunity to exchange views with top officials, leading scholars, and analysts, etc.

His latest book is Phantom of Powers and he once translated, edited, collaborated on eleven books, including Theories of World Governance — A Study in the History of Ideas, International Relations in Political Thoughts, A Truth Speaking China and so on.

Wang’s career goal is to develop a leading Think Tank in China as well as in the world in the coming years.



WEI Xing
Director, International News Department, Oriental Morning Post

Wei Xing is director of the international news department at the Oriental Morning Post (www.dfdaily.com), a leading daily newspaper based in Shanghai, China.

Since joining the Oriental Morning Post in 2007, he has created the department’s structure, decided the priority reporting areas, and drafted the keynotes of editorials. In the past few years, he has led his team in reporting on much special coverage, such as the Libyan crisis and Arab Spring, the democratization of Myanmar, the Japanese earthquake and nuclear crisis, the leadership transition of North Korea, the elections of France, Russia, America, etc. The Oriental Morning Post has also gained a reputation for its focus on Chinese diplomacy.

He recently founded a personal website (www.chinesemediawatch.com) which is a platform where journalists, scholars, diplomats can discuss how Chinese media covers international news and foreign affairs.

Before joining the Oriental Morning Post, Wei Xing worked for Youth Daily, a Shanghai-based daily newspaper (2001-2007).

He is now a permanent member of the Council of Shanghai Association of International Studies.



ZHANG Lusong
Senior Manager, Legal and Compliance Department, China Investment Corporation

Lusong is working as a director in the Legal and Compliance Department of the China Investment Corporation, China’s sovereign wealth fund, which she joined five years ago. She is in charge of the compliance monitoring over CIC’s overall investments in its worldwide public markets, issuing internal guidelines in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements, reviewing and negotiating legal documents for CIC’s investment projects, taking necessary compliance actions, etc. Previously employed by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, she worked as a manager at the Listing Division and Beijing Representative Office for more than two years handling listing related matters.

Lusong finished four years of studies at the University of Hong Kong and obtained a PhD in Law in 2006. Her dissertation entitled “The Regulation of Foreign M&A Involving PRC Listed Companies” was published by Kluwer Law International in 2007.

Whether for her job or various social roles, Lusong has a strong sense of responsibility. She is proud that she can bring happiness to her family, friends and other people around her. Lusong has a lovely 17 year old daughter who just started her undergraduate program in the US. Lusong is a tennis fan and Rafael Nadal is her star. She plays tennis, badminton and squash. Running, music and movies are also her favorite.




Adrian is a Cardiologist specializing in coronary and structural heart interventions. He spent his formative years in England, studying at Oxford and at Cambridge University. Since 2009, he has been working at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong. Currently in Paris, he is spending a year at Hôpital Bichat Claude-Bernard, learning the newest techniques from French experts and forming links between the cardiologists of China and France.

France has always held a special place in Adrian’s life. Adrian’s father, John Cheong, is a trade historian and spent many years studying as a Queen’s Scholar at the Sorbonne and in Lyon. During Adrian’s childhood, his evenings were filled with tales from his father’s travels in France. Adrian had an early introduction to the world of French wines through his father, and many a high table at Cambridge cemented his love for them.

After meeting his wife Elaine, Adrian became involved with managing the vineyard that his pioneering father in-law, Peter Kwok, had bought in 1997 – Château Haut-Brisson, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. He has thus been an apprentice to two great art forms that the French people have innovated and perfected – minimally invasive cardiac surgery and wine-making. He has many French friends and hopes to make even more in the future.



ZHAO Hongkai Chairman, ESMOD Beijing International Fashion School

Zhao Hongkai graduated in 1993 from Tianjin University with a Master’s in Civil Engineering. He started his career within the China HuaNengGroup and was responsible for wind energy projects. HuaNeng is one of the best companies in electricity.

Meanwhile, Hongkai was also the deputy director of the JingGong Holding Group of the Zhejiang province. He was responsible for investment and the development of new projects. He finally left HuaNeng Group and completely joined the JingGong Holding Group. He helped JingGong to acquire almost all steel structure constructions for the 2008 Olympic Games at the National Stadium of China and for the Beijing Airport Terminal 3.

He is interested in European culture thanks to frequent trips to the continent. In 2004, he created ESMOD Beijing. In 2012 he also imported two French institutes, MOD’SPE Paris and EAC, to Beijing and Shanghai, which were in the field of cultural marketing and management.

His wife, Ms. YANG Ling, works at another national energy company — ShenHua Group, responsible for IT management. Their son graduated from Bently University in Boston.



Jackson ZHANG

President,A Fu Essential Oil

Jackson Zhang started his career as a sales representative and management trainee at P&G right after his graduation from South China University of Technology in 1990. In the first 3 years after his training period, Jackson Zhang was made responsible for business in various markets, from Shenzhen City, Beijing to the region of Northeast China. He then transferred back to the headquarters for a trade marketing position before he was appointed head of Olay counter business until 1995. In August of 1995, Jackson joined Maybelline company as their national sales manager, to start up the business in China.

At the end of 1996, with the merger of Maybelline and L’Oreal group, Jackson Zhang became the sales director of L’Oreal consumer division to launch and expand the L’Oreal Paris brand together with Maybelline before 2001. In 2002, with the evolution of the organization, Jackson was appointed general manager of L’Oreal Paris brand for 7 years. The brand has developed as the leading beauty brand in China and one of the top markets of the L’Oreal group. Then in 2010 Jackson was appointed as general manager of the consumer products division and vice president of L’Oreal China. The division includes L’Oreal Paris, Maybelline and Garnier brands, ranking No. 3 worldwide. L’Oreal Paris is the No.1 beauty brand in China, and Maybelline is the No.1 makeup brand.

Jackson Zhang joined A Fu Essential Oils as president in May 2016.

Jackson Zhang is married with a 6-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son.